How Carat Weight Affects Diamond Price

ACrfas1412113483Clearing Up the Carat Confusion

Sometimes life just isn’t fair.  This applies to relationship savviness, athletic prowess, work place politics and…diamonds.

The primary properties which dictate a diamond’s worth are slightly subjective.  One gemologist may categorize a diamond’s clarity as VS-1 (very slightly included 1) and another may say that same diamond is VS-2.  This seemingly small discrepancy in grading can actually have a quite an impact on the diamond’s value.  The same goes for a diamond’s cut and color; both of these are determined by (the albeit expert) eye of a human.  Hence, there can be a disagreement from one diamond professional to the next if a diamond is K or J in color, or if its cut is ideal or not. Continue reading

In a Broken Engagement Who Keeps the Ring ? The Giver or Receiver?


This issue seems to come up time and time again.  Some people firmly believe that the ring was a gift, and should remain with the recipient, no matter what.  Others unequivocally think it should always be returned.  Where do you stand?

broken-heart   See Our Blog: The Rules of (Broken) Engagement

10 Reasons Why You Should Try Again After a Broken Engagement

25VDjd1412009259The general consensus when it comes to reuniting after a broken engagement is that it is an exasperating, colossal waste of time.  Practically every documented account of this ends in an epic relationship fail.  However, there are certain circumstances when you really should give it another try – and here they are: Continue reading

12 More Songs Featuring Diamonds!



You loved our 11 songs about diamonds so much that we are treating you with another diamondy dozen!

1 – BeyonceFlawless – 2013

This musically modest journey into Beyonce’s psyche reveals just how she feels about herself: she wakes up each day and is already perfect.   Essentially, she is likening herself to an internally and externally flawless diamond (“D” color, ideal cut, “FL” clarity).  It’s nice when people have self confidence…overwhelming self confidence.

best diamond line:  “this diamond: flawless – my diamond: flawless – this rock: flawless”

Continue reading

10 Dumb Social Media Posts Used During Divorce Trials


The following examples of Social Media related carelessness have been taken directly from actual divorce court cases.   The names have been changed to protect the foolish. Continue reading

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month !


DiAMOND LiGHTHOUSE cares and you should too!

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Convert Your Diamond into Fun Things

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Exchanging Your Diamond for Diamond Inspired Objects

You have a diamond ring at home, sitting at the bottom of a jewelry box, collecting dust.  Or maybe you have a pair of diamond earrings that a certain someone gave to you that are a certain kind of ugly.  Who knows, maybe you’ve even been handed down a dazzling bejeweled crown from an aristocratic ancestral member of the Royal Hungarian court.  The point is, you’re never going to wear any of these darn diamonds.  However, you can easily turn them into cash and buy some awesome diamond inspired objects.  By selling your diamond through Diamond Lighthouse, you can retain your diamond’s memory and get some really cool stuff in its place. Continue reading