Social Media Ruined My Marriage!

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It’s pretty obvious that excessive social media usage (read: Facebooking) is not the healthiest thing for a marriage.  Now there’s empirical evidence to back it up.  A two year study spanning 2011-2012 executed by researchers at Boston University found that “a 20 percent annual increase in Facebook enrollment was associated with anywhere from a 2.18 percent to a 4.32 percent increase in divorce rates.”  Divorce Online reported “A third of all divorce filings in 2011 contained the word ‘Facebook’.” Continue reading

Differences Between Silver, Gold and Platinum 

320790Everyone knows the obvious discrepancies between Silver, Gold and the elusive Platinum, but there are many hidden facts that separate these precious metals.  Here we will break down the differences between Silver and Gold, and then Gold and Platinum (we wouldn’t want to insult Platinum by even comparing it to Silver).

Gold vs. Silver 


known on the Period Table of Elements as “Au”, with the Atomic Number 79.


 Historically, the most popular in all forms of jewelry, especially in both men’s and women’s wedding rings.  A huge plus is that it does not tarnish when exposed to the elements.  Unlike chicken at McDonald’s, gold naturally occurs in nugget form.  Gold has been used in coinage, jewelry and arts before recorded time.  The term “the gold standard” refers to the monetary policy that was used all the way until the 1930’s.

Gold is classified in “Karats”, ranging from 9 to 24.  All that these numbers actually connote is the amount of pure gold in the jewelry or item being described.  For instance, a ring that is 24K is, in essence, pure gold.  One that is 9K is mostly comprised of other metals, like silver or copper, and technically can not be categorized as “gold jewelry” (must be 10K or higher, by U.S. standards).

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Celebrities: Keeping Divorce Pleasant

GOSSIP TODAYThe age of the bitter, drag you through the mud divorce is over.  At least it would appear that way in some celebrity circles.  Several of the more publicized divorces in recent years have been uncontested, or “amicable.”  Here’s a look at some of our most beloved couples, who didn’t force us to choose sides.

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, one of the most stable seeming spotlight sharing couples, broke their union with grace.  They even went on a post-divorce vacation together, after presenting the public with the perfect neologism to describe their state of “conscious uncoupling.”

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Where’d You Find That Diamond??

photo credit Melany Weeks

photo credit Melany Weeks

This past summer a diamond fell from the sky.  More specifically, a diamond ring, attached to two blue, deflated helium balloons landed in a Tuscaloosa, Alabama, family’s backyard.  But that’s not the first time a diamond  has surfaced in an utterly bizarre location.

Flushed Love

A local Detroit woman, Ashley Cook, was giving her porcelain bathroom bowl a good cleansing in May, 2012, when she noticed something more sparkly than usual in there.  She plucked out a golden wedding band, fully ensconced in diamonds.  After  (hopefully) washing it off, she spied that it had an engraving: “Christina and Jerry forever.”  And who says romance is dead?  The most likely explanation is that the ring came through the sewage pipes and found a new home in her toilet.  Awww. Continue reading

10 New Uses for Returned Engagement Rings

Ok. So she said “No.” Not the end of the world. But, now you’re stuck with this ring. So what to do with it?

1) Turn it into a lure. This is quite simple. All you do is take a regular fishing pole, take the end of the line and securely tie it around the band of the ring. Make sure you really tie the knot well (…sorry for wedding metaphor). Now you’re ready for fun. Hide out some where (a park, parking lot, Mets game, etc.) and simply cast your ring-bait. Then wait. Some greedy minded person will see it glittering brightly (…if it’s of glittering grade quality), and come a’ runnin’. Right before they snatch it up, you reel it in! Watch the disappointment wash over their face and giggle.

BONUS: If a beautiful woman goes for it, let her catch it and pretend it was all a plan to get her attention. Then you are that much closer to a new, better fiancée.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Post Divorce Dating

shutterstock_162886001It’s no secret that dating after divorce can be tough.  Conventional wisdom also dictates that this is not something that should be rushed into.  Yet when the time is right, and diving back into the dating pool seems appealing, then you should go at with gusto.  Here is a comprehensive list of what to do and what not to do in the post divorce dating milieu.


Be honest – with your date and yourself.  For instance, if you have kids, make sure your date is aware of this beforehand.  The last thing you want is to be at the inception of a dinner with someone who casually remarks “I definitely don’t see myself ever having kids.” …when you have three at home with a babysitter. Continue reading

How to Identify a Genuine Diamond

Since the cubic zirconia was engineered and began mass production in 1977, it has become increasingly difficult for the lay person to accurately assess whether a “diamond” is genuine or not.  The human eye alone can not be fully trusted.  As such, there are numerous methods that can be used in determining a diamond’s authenticity, from simple tricks one can perform at home to the most sophisticated procedures employed by professional gemologists – like the friendly and helpful ones with excellent penmanship working at Diamond Lighthouse. (Learn More)

If the diamond in question is mounted, meaning encased in a setting, there are a few easy practices you can use.

1.The “Fog” Method.  For this, hold the “diamond” next to your mouth and breath warm air on it.  If when you look at the stone it remains foggy,  then odds are that it is not a real diamond.  Real diamonds instantly dissipate the heat from your breath, whether it’s minty fresh or not.


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