12 More Songs Featuring Diamonds!

via now-here-this.timeout.com

via now-here-this.timeout.com

You loved our 11 songs about diamonds so much that we are treating you with another diamondy dozen!

1 – BeyonceFlawless – 2013

This musically modest journey into Beyonce’s psyche reveals just how she feels about herself: she wakes up each day and is already perfect.   Essentially, she is likening herself to an internally and externally flawless diamond (“D” color, ideal cut, “FL” clarity).  It’s nice when people have self confidence…overwhelming self confidence.

best diamond line:  “this diamond: flawless – my diamond: flawless – this rock: flawless”

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10 Dumb Social Media Posts Used During Divorce Trials


The following examples of Social Media related carelessness have been taken directly from actual divorce court cases.   The names have been changed to protect the foolish. Continue reading

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month !


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Convert Your Diamond into Fun Things

photo via inhabitat.com

photo via inhabitat.com

Exchanging Your Diamond for Diamond Inspired Objects

You have a diamond ring at home, sitting at the bottom of a jewelry box, collecting dust.  Or maybe you have a pair of diamond earrings that a certain someone gave to you that are a certain kind of ugly.  Who knows, maybe you’ve even been handed down a dazzling bejeweled crown from an aristocratic ancestral member of the Royal Hungarian court.  The point is, you’re never going to wear any of these darn diamonds.  However, you can easily turn them into cash and buy some awesome diamond inspired objects.  By selling your diamond through Diamond Lighthouse, you can retain your diamond’s memory and get some really cool stuff in its place. Continue reading

Show Your Diamond You Care (A Humorous How-To Guide)

cleaning dimeyDiamonds might be the hardest material on earth, but they can still be damaged.  While that may not initially make a ton of sense, they can be scratched by other diamonds, and even less dense substances if a great amount of pressure is applied.  Now that we’ve gotten that brilliantly explained lesson in physics out of the way, we can get down to the brass tacks on how to provide your diamond with the (loving) care it deserves. Continue reading

Like Diamonds in the Sky

diamond in space

photo via behance.net

Diamonds are often found in engagement and wedding rings, fancy earrings and tennis bracelets.  But did you know that there is a prevalence of diamonds flying around in outer space?  Literally, millions and millions of tons of space diamonds litter the galaxies.  Like something from a sci-fi movie, there are massive moon sized diamonds, asteroids trailing diamond dust and certain planets where sparkling gems fall from above like magical hail.
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Hotel Uncoupling

divorce in progressNo matter how you slice it, going through a divorce is going to be tough, in one way or another.  Be it the obvious emotional turmoil experienced, the financial burdens and considerations or the determination of child custody, there are a lot of potentially frustrating, enervating elements.  However, some couples have found solace in attempting to part in an amicable manner.  Legally speaking, engaging in “non-contested” divorce proceedings, in which both parties come to a mutually satisfying agreement, has seen a significant rise as of late.

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